About Cardio Tennis

Cardio Tennis is a fun, social, group tennis-fitness program for people of all ages and abilities. It’s more about getting a great, high-energy workout than pure tennis technique.
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You don’t have to be Rafael Nadal or Sam Stosur to enjoy the energising
workout that is Cardio Tennis! Constant movement is the focus as a Tennis Australia qualified coach guides you through a series of fun and heart-pumping drills that cater for all abilities and fitness levels
An average a Cardio Tennis workout runs for 45 - 60 min and is comprised of:
  • 5-10 min warm-up
  • 30-50 min cardio tennis segment with drill-based & play-based activities
  • 5-10 min cool down
Participants wear heart rate monitors, exercise to music, use low-
compression balls and a variety of equipment, including agility
ladders. And, at the end of your session, you can check your stats
on the heart-rate monitor to find out just how hard you worked!

Lose weight, get fit, have fun
Cardio Tennis is enjoyed best with friends – male or female.
If you like exercising in a group, then you will find Cardio Tennis
the perfect motivator.

Get a group of mates together or make some new friends in a fun and active atmosphere!
As well as being social, it’s a great way to boost your fitness and lose weight. According to the Tennis Industry Association, during a Cardio Tennis session, women will burn between 1260 and 2100 kilojoules per hour, and men will burn around 2100–3360 kilojoules per hour (on average)
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